Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brother Bear

Brother Bear had a unique style driven by plein aire painting.Xiangyuan Jie , A masterful artist and painter,was the background stylist. In the Background department we were challenged by the style and learned many lessons along the way. It hopefully made us all better painters by the time we were done. This image when completed you couldn't tell what it was. I decided to put the effects waterfall in the foreground so you could tell.


Paul Lasaine said...

Beautiful! I love the Brother Bear BGs. Not an easy style to pull off. Hats off! What's almost as impressive as the painting themselves, is the fact that the loose brush style was actually approved by the powers that be in the first place.

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog:-)

Bob Stanton said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks Paul, you are so right. The powers that be let us have a challenge and fun on this one. Your work is inspiring, Your blog is a daily dose of inspiration and education with your tutorials.Thank you for visiting my blog!!