Friday, April 3, 2009


When the Disney studio in Florida did Mulan it was a great education in art and perseverance. The studio began to ramp up and bring in many talented artist so we could make the movie. Also we had Hans Bacher as production designer and Ric Sluiter as art directer to challenge and lead the way to a style that looked simple but not so simple to achieve. Hans was a big on thumbnailing out ideas, color or layout. As Head of the Background Department it was my job to thumbnail out the color path of the film. The board of thumbnails I posted are from the" I`ll Make A Man Out Of You" song. In this area of the film the pacing , locations and time of day changed quickly witched required allot of studies to be done for each panel till we reached the desired effect. This was a lesson in patience to color design different ideas in the same context. I will always remember this film because of the lessons learned and the other talented people I worked with.

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